Maybe is not for a case that I met Perry Hall, and maybe is not by chance that, some years ago in San Francisco, his Sardinian wife Eleonora she met him.
Perry is a talented and very passionate 35mm photographer but I like to say that Perry is a talented man, not only photography in his life..Perry has got a talented life.
perry hall analog photography roma
The 33 year old boy from a small town of Chestertown in Maryland, then moved to  San Francisco, now he's based in Rome with his wife, he evolves his life around punk rock and hardcore music, tattoos, skateboarding, art and as well analog photography.
In my life, I have had the pleasure to met him, he is a very special and pure creative person, I’m looking forward to have many other fresh beers together...talking about everything man.
Welcome to the Reeson Stories, Perry Hall!                                                              
(Interview: Luca Rizzotto)                                                                                         

Hi Perry what's up?                                                                                              Ciao Luca! How are you?                                                                                                               

⁃ You come from skateboarding, tell me some of your best lessons you have learned from skateboarding?                                                                                
Yes, I came from a skateboarding background. I have been a skateboarder now for 20 years. It’s funny to think that you can learn something from a piece of wood, trucks, bolts, bearings, and urethane wheels. But, I have learned pesistence, dedication, and no matter what colour, gender or race you are, skateboarding is what unites us.                                                                                   
roma street photography perry hall analog black and whit photography
⁃ You moved from Maryland to San Francisco? When and why?
I moved when I was 18, I left Maryland with a 1 way ticket to San Francisco, a skateboard, a duffel bag full of stuff, and $100 ( which didn’t last long in Clifornia). I left because I felt that I needed to do more with with my life and back then I was headed down the wrong path and I knew if I stayed in Maryland I probabl wouldn’t be here doing this interview to be honest…

⁃ In the 2014 a friend gave you your first camera, a Canon AE1, how it was your first contact with your first camera and why did you decided to continue shooting analog photography?

My friend Grey gave me his Canon AE1 before I left for Italy and I had no idea how to operate the camera for a while. I just kept shooting and learning from my failures failures. I decided to continue shooting film because it’s what I started out with and I love the way it looks compared to digital.
street photography skateboarding perry hall
⁃ Your photography looks like “street photography” style, I saw portrait, landscape, skateboarding and other life photography, how you define your photography?

You are a product of your environment.That being said when it came to shooting in the streets it was very natural for me to adapt due to the fact that it has been my my natural environment for many years. I want to experience and learn it all, so I try to dabble in everything when it comes to photography.
⁃ What do you feel in analog photography that you don't feel in digital?

In this modern world everything is so rapid and instant. Analog photography it has taught me patience and persistence through failure and to enjoy capturing the moment when it’s there. I am also a very hands on person, so with film I like to develop the film with chemicals and understand how everything works. It's definitely a labor of love.
perry hall analog photography hardcore punk show
⁃ You have been shooting around America, Europe, Cuba and Sardinia, where do you had the best feeling with your camera and why?

So far it has all been a great experience! I really loved Cuba because there was always something to shoot around every corner, it was really colourful, people in Cuba are so friendly, and it was a humble experience to see how they live with what little they have.

⁃ Black and white or colour photography?
I shoot black and white film right now… But, there is a time and place for colour.

paris perry hall photographer analog black and white photography
⁃ Outside photography, which king of creative experience do you have explored?

I used to paint and draw a lot when I was younger before skateboarding came into my life haha!

⁃ How has Punk, Hardcore and skateboarding lead and why are these things so important in your life?

When I was younger one of my friends showed me Punk rock/hardcore music and skateboarding. I was instantly drawn to these strange subcultures, and I always knew this music and this thing could be a way for me to express myself in a positive way: so they did. Skateboarding and punk rock music has helped shape has helped shape me into the person I am today and I’m very thankful for
rome street photography rome perry hall
⁃ What you feel if I say you, “Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets"?

Don’t forget where you come from because that’s going to help you get to where you need to be.

⁃ One day you said you wanted to quit skateboarding for photography, i was
hoping that you were joking...and it was right? Are there still any doubts?

Photography these days does absorb a lot of my time… But, I still try to skate a fair amount. Also, shooting photos doesn’t hurt as much as skateboarding does. Aahah!
streets of cuba perry hall analog photography
⁃ I remember well your wedding day here in Sardinia, it was the best wedding day i was invited to, that's was a party, a simple and friendly rock&roll wedding day, thanx for sharing with the Reeson Family, it was a

Thanks for being there! That day was indeed absolutely incredible!

⁃ Italians are everywhere and you found your love in Italy, what is the best
lesson you learned from your lovely wife, Eleonora?

Oh man! I have a learned a lot! But the best lesson I have learned from Eleonora is how to travel like a pro. She is really a professional when I comes to traveling around the world. You can take her anywhere and she will find her way around and interact with people naturally in their own environment and it's not easy to do that.
roma fotografo perry hall

⁃ Not much enough money, not enough time for new projects. but, i know you will not stop your creativity...what will be your next project?
I’m working with Jeremy Davis From Subject Pictures ( @subjectpictures ) on a street photography book about Rome. Then who knows after that…                       
- So Perry, thanx for you time and your presence at the Reeson Stories,  hope to see you soon here in Sardinia with your Eleonora.

Thanks Luca for giving me this opportunity. It’s been FUN! We will be out there very soon!                                                                                                                          
Perry Hall is an American street photographer from the eastern shore of Maryland that now resides in Italy. Since 2014, he has been on mission to craft his photography skills around the globe, in the streets, and in the darkroom. Specialising in analog and street photography.


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