This is my Quarantine Daily Life

This is my Quarantine Daily Life

If you are not used to working in "Smart Working" this could be a little bit strange, these steps could help you to be always productive and positive.
(Personally Tested Everyday, nothing changes for me)

1) Wake up at 7:00 a.m.

2) Have a good breakfast

3) Take off your pyjamas: dress like you're about to leave home to go to work

4) Put a live radio: the internet is full of beautiful live radio, you can start searching also on you tube

5) Mid-morning: Eat a fruit

6) Running Session: 5K or 10K

7) Around noon: Light lunch

8) Long coffee at the pc table: in the early afternoon stimulates creativity

9) Eat a fruit around 4 p.m.

10) Pc Tea: a tea cup at the pc table between 5pm and 6pm

11) Light dinner, and, why not...a beer!

12) Read, read, read



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