Dear World

Dear World..
(This is my personal opinion and view)

It was too fast, it was too sick. We needed something to "go slow" than before, yes sure, a pandemic is to much (of course) and it is totally unexpected (for us in general). Use this moment to think, to reflect, to "go slow". Use this moment to change your habits and to start living a more conscious life, as a human being. Reflect on what you buy, what you eat, what you drink, what you wear, and..of course where your money go! Be different, not a robot walking down the street, BUY QUALITY, buy stuff that are built to last, this in general on clothing, furniture, electronic and stuff in general. In each nation around the globe there are many occasions to BUY QUALITY...Push And Support The Local Activities First, with a global eyes, yes no border, but QUALITY AND ETHICAL JOB FIRST. As Reeson we're lucky to having our clothes and skateboard deck next to beautiful italian, american, english, german, french, australian... amazing and good quality brands. This is for you ALL THE SHOPS AROUND, START TO INTRODUCE BRANDS, NOT ONLY DISPLAY. Start telling stories, (YES START BECAUSE SOME OF THE STORES AROUND NEVER MADE THIS) look for the quality, and present quality, pass it to the young generation. THIS IS FOR YOU CONSUMER, ask to your local stores to present you small and independent local brands (the world is full of Independet Brands with quality and tons of style).
When we'll be all out of this situation, TURN OFF YOUR PHONE and value true personal relationships!
Take time for yourself and give value to your personal time (IT'S RICHNESS) be honest with the others, take care of our planet, We're now at home but there are milions of people escaping from war, milions of people that have not food or water...every day! (think about it)

Stay Safe!

We'll all be back to our Big Dreams!
Thanx for supporting Reeson!

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