An open letter to the 2019

An open letter to the 2019

Tutto per dire che sono su instagram @lucareeson

I tried to stay out for years and to don't have a personal social page (also when istagram it was instagram) i didn't want it, i don't needed it, it's boring.
The new @lucareeson instagram profile is not about selfies, the intent is not to talk about how to be cool and popular on instagram, i opened this profile to better help my professional life, new personal projects and future goals ..hope you will enjoy it!

reeson brand lightbox

This year signed again the poverty of general internet content, the agony and the death of many other core and classic physical stores, fashion has stolen again from streetwear just to survive, fast fashion was boring and predicted. The cool is that there're a lot of new indipendent brands that are around the corner, kicking it and writing a new interesting chapter.
The 2019 it was so slow for me that it gave me the time to think about many things, to study, and to experiment a lot of new professional strategies. People asked me for some mentoring (this it's not new for me) so the 2019 it was the right moment to work for other people's was the moment to open the Ma.To.Studio, a Creative Studio (Maybe Tomorrow Studio) Ma.To.STUDIO the idea and our Mission is simple, it's to "Turn Ideas Into Cool Things". We just started but we have over thant 15 years of experience in making things, and so fast people they're finding us!
I'm not scared about new projects, goals and challenges that will come in the 2020.

What's your goals for the 2020?
Really thank you for having been there in any manner (in no particular order) to Enrico Carta Carlo Aresu Angelo Verzini Virginia Masiello Simone Carta Diego Pani Perry Hall Quod Design Hangar Sport Center Marcolino Fenu Luca Carta Salad Days Magazine Robotto Do Arash Haddadi

Maybe i'm forgetting someone...