The Checkered Edition

The "CHECKERED EDITION" from Reeson.

The trend is back, the Checkered Obsession is now! from pop culture to fashion, from skateboard to
surfing brands, but...
Do you feel the scent of streetwear behind?

The Reeson "CHECKERED EDITION" is our interpretation of the checkered pattern, so if you are stoked
about our New Capsule Collection this is your occasion to be different by your "checkered friends".

From Vans, Quicksilver, to Supreme...from 10 Deep, Stussy to Pleasures, The many other
cool brands, the internet is full of plaid motif apparel and accessories but...

Our "CHECKERED EDITION" is only available at our website and comes in limited edition
for a limited time only, a mix of the checkered classic patter and our black and white Reeson circle

Slip-on shoes, crew neck sweatshirt, shirt, socks, underwear, umbrella and more...this is our
interpretation of the checkered styles you can't miss, what you think about it?

To SEE the whole collection Click the pictures or follow the following link:

Thanx for the support!

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