We Know Who We Are Since 2005

Driving The Reeson Company - We Know Who We Are Since 2005 

Driving an independent brand is not simple at all, is like a journey, the bigger you want to be the more you can fail...if you're trying!
We're just arrived at Official 12 years into the business (the 13th just started), every season, every years, we saw some brands, shops, distributions, going out of the business...really rad brands and companies with best staff and, as well, many brands they were just “trying to be

We're here and, some years ago we also launched our South Central project...Yes we've got our Flagship Store...it's callade South Central, with it's own personality.

If you see we never followed a trend, trends come in and come out frequently now, since 2005 we built a brand focusing on a timeless and Quality production we want to wear. Skateboarding, boardsports, outdoor situation, culture, music lifestyle and Love, are the fuel. We produce Finest Quality Boards and Modern Streetwear since the beginning.

During the years we met many sales agents, agencies, customers, competitors, athletes “people they were trying to be” many times we wasted time ...we know who you are! At the other side we met some beautiful, professional and commited persons, with this message, we say...hello! we would like to meet you again and share the passion.

Creativity doesn’t just stop at T-shirt designs, it's not enough...the production is the “paper of the message” ...social medias is not the key to start a brand and creative things, social media likes is not enough to drive a brand. If you doesn't have a solid background and a core foundation, you walk as a blind man, Reeson is built on a strong dose of awake Passion, commitment and hours of patience...Reeson is stronger than ever !!!

In a world where “awareness is optional” we can answer to a question...why you've to trust in Reeson? ….because we're not tring to be !!! we are not in competition with anybody except us.

Thanx to all the people we met during this decade + one year, all the people involved and the people that really helped Reeson...we have a rad program for this 2017...




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