Simone Morelli Analog Street Photography

Simone Morelli Analog Street Photography

In an increasingly digital world Film Photography is not dead and sometimes it become more and more fascinating...Analog Photography is an experience!
Simone Morelli is a young photographer from Rome, Italy.
He started shooting films about 3 years ago and he have been "obsessed" with it since the beginning.
He likes to photograph the streets, people and he feel so confortable just being around shooting films. He travel a lot and he's friend of our in-house creative Perry Hall.
Simone Traveled to Cuba and “El Carro" is a new personal film photography project of Simone, he's still working on it. Today we have the pleasure to share with you a selection of his project completely dedicated to cars and to a recent travel across streets of Cuba.
street photographer in cuba
around the city of cuba
cars in cuba

"Travels are the best way to be involved in different cultures and to escape from the routine, Street Photography is the mirrow of the street and it's so pure"

street phographer simone morelli
cars photos
streets of cuba

"Old cars in Cuba are so typical, strange for us but normal for the residents"


kids in cuba street photography
red old car in cuba
Check Simone's page to see more of his Analog Photography:



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