Reeson Rock Music Playlist

reeson rock music playlistMusic has always been a constant daily presence, but if you are a sports fan and you love a healthy life you sure help your soul and your body making at least a small run.

Music is inspiration, power and drugs for the mind, imagine doing a workout without music... it's not the same thing as with music. Weekly happen to change the playlist and this week i stumbled upon this, maybe these albums are not in my player by chance...

reeson rock music playlistThis is the playlist of this week...Thanx for inspiration SlayerPropagandhi 88 Fingers Louie Good Riddance Megadeth Mastodon Bad Religion Descendents // Let's Rock!

#reeson #slayer #propagandhi #88fingerslouie #goodriddance#megadeth #mastodon #badreligion #descendents

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