Reeson Cotton Quality Selection

Reeson Cotton Quality Selection

 Do you know what you're wearing?  discover the ring spun and organic combed cotton from Reeson brand choose the best quality of t-shirts sweatshirts and apparel clothing

Today's market is full of t-shirts, of all prices and of different qualities, as there are t-shirts that last even more than ten years, there are t-shirts on the market designed to last the time of a season and resist only a certain as derisory numbers of washes.

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"In 2004 when we built the first Reeson foundations, we had many doubts and uncertainties but one thing we had very clear: our products had to be of quality and had to last over time"

It is not at all strange for us, to meet on the street reeson t-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets produced even more than 10 years ago and if these have been maintained and washed according to the indications of correct washing, they are still immaculate.

Let's talk about Cotton...

What determines the quality of a cotton garment?

The first thing is certainly the choice of the type of production that the brand chooses to undertake, on the contrary the type of customer that the brand chooses to want to have and with whom it decides to want to communicate.

On the market there are different types of cotton, what differentiates one cotton from another is the production process with which the yarn is created and not least the quality of the raw material.

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different type and cotton quality in the market

The most used cottons for the production of t-shirts and sweatshirts are:


For standard cotton or "regular cotton" vegetable fibers are used that are twisted together to create the yarn that once woven, will create the various products (t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts etc ...). This procedure creates a very raw and inexpensive yarn that is used by many manufacturers to compete in the market with low prices and poor quality.

"Here at Reeson we have never used standard cotton"

organic cotton combed ring spun production


Ring-spun yarns are chosen to guarantee quality and durability to our garments. In fact, ring-spun cotton is woven and thinned during the yarn processing process, to create a much thinner, stronger and at the same time softer fiber rope. This allows you to have garments much more resistant over time and much softer to the touch so you can wear them comfortably longer.

A further advantage of ring-spun cotton is that thanks to its softness and its regularity in the yarn it allows you to absorb the color evenly so as to have more precise prints, more homogeneous and bright colors.

Our STANDARD PREMIUM production is made only with high quality RING SPUN yarns.

The perfect Reeson cotton for you and your pockets. This construction combines the perfect modern European regular fit with the quality of cotton. Superior cotton with Retail/Boutique quality at a VERY GOOD PRICE. Certified fair working conditions, and standard Oeko-Tex.

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ORGANI COMBED RING SPUN "combed" cotton is superior to regular cotton because the fibers undergo an additional step before being transformed into yarn, resulting in a softer, stronger and more luxurious fabric that is also more expensive but of superior quality.

Our ORGANIC PREMIUM production is made only and exclusively with raw materials from ORGANIC COTTON CULTIVATION, Organic cotton Combed Ring Spun only from CERTIFIED PRODUCTIONS.

The perfect Reeson cotton for you and the environment. If you are a person looking for perfection, this cotton combines the perfect European regular fit with the quality of certified organic cotton. Perfect finishes for a Superior Cotton with Retail/Boutique quality. Certified organic cotton, fair working conditions, standard Oeko-Tex.


As highlighted above also with the different production characteristics, both represent two very valid choices.

Evaluate the price you can and you would like to spend on a t-shirt and decide for yourself. The ORGANIC PREMIUM still differs both for the superior quality of the raw materials from organic production used but also for the even softer touch, the durability and the even greater feeling. Being a Cut & Sew production it has the side seams that allow the maintenance of the shapes longer, the "Combing" of the Combed Ring Spun fabric gives an additional value of superior quality.

Now your turn, it's up to you...

Have a good choice! ;)


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