Ottone Pesante, they play Metal with trumpet and trombone

Ottone Pesante, they play Metal with trumpet and trombone

Ottone Pesante is an italian instrumental trio composed by Paolo Raineri (trumpet), Francesco Bucci (trombone) and Beppe Mondini (drums) that plays "Metal". Someone call their music Heavy Brass Metal or Brasscore and they are right.
ottone pesante band metal che suona con troba e trombone
The band was born in 2015 with the idea to make a new way to play brass instruments and a new way to play Heavy Metal as well.
They released their first EP "Ottone Pesante" in the same year and they started a new tour all around Italy.
Their first album "Brassphemy set in stone" was released in 2016, then they started a very long tour for 2 years that allowed OP to play all around Europe in clubs and in every kind of festivals, from Metal to Jazz. Their second album "Apocalips" was released on the 2nd of November of 2018.
apocalys new ottone pensante album
On this album appear the featuring of Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation on the track “The Fifth trumpet”.
Francesco Bucci Trombone Paolo Raineri Trompet Beppe Mondini Drums
Travis Ryan Vocals on track #5
Recorded and Mixed at Inside / Outside StudiosRecorded by Gianluca Turrini e Matt Bordin
Mixed by Gianluca TurriniMastered by Bernie at Eleven Mastering
Produced by B.R.ASS Artwork, Pics & Video: Ram Das Foschi


Ottone Pesante – Apocalips

In the book of Apocalypse there are 7 trumpets that announce disasters, sufferings and death for the entire inhabitants of the world.

This destructive power of Brass has been forgotten by the human being that tried to relegate these instruments for mild and frivolous music genres.

Ottone Pesante has rediscovered the ancient tradition of devastation and with this second album "Apocalips" (two years later "Brassphemy set in score") want to show that its obscure and relentless soul is ready to bring us to the abyss once again.

So "Apocalips" means destruction of eardrums, but also self destruction of Francesco Bucci (trombone) and Paolo Raineri (Trumpet) lips. Those lips that are mistreated and stressed like never before, in order to bring this new way for instrumental music for brass, to the extreme.

In these 9 new tracks, the connections with Metal are stronger and, at the same time, there are connections with others musical worlds like contemporary music, experimental, doom, jazzcore. All the compositions are based on just the 2 voices of trombone and trumpet, but they are more various and different.

The sound is more raw and heavier, due to the sound experimentation of the brasses while the Beppe Mondini's drum is still really heavy.  You can find the fast, melodic, technical, furious tracks that are already become a brand of this band, or really slow parts full of pathos, some more experimental and dodecaphonic tunes, other "orchestral / progressive" tracks and references to Black Metal.

The connections with Extreme Metal scene, comes out due to the collaboration with Travis Ryan (incredible Cattle Decapitation singer, Death Metal band from California) that makes track number 5 " The Fifth Trumpet", a real Apocalypse.

Prepare your anti-atomic shelter: OTTONE PESANTE, the trio that was able to receive respect from Jazz and Metal scenes at the same time, is about to come back!


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