GLOBE is a New Retro Flagship Reeson Logo

GLOBE is a New Retro Flagship Reeson Logo

GLOBE is a New Retro Flagship Reeson Logo.


To celebrate this new season we wanted to reflect a lot about the world.

It's more about how it's beautiful than about how much it sucks, we're all survivors and players in our own personal life.


GLOBE, is a New Retro Flagship Reeson Logo You'll See A Lot...a Lot...a a Must Have for All the Reeson Lovers!

Reeson GLOBE brand logo

This new logo combine theThe Classic Reeson Logo in the Circle Version, with a touch of 80's and 90's, You can see this? Did you feel this?


The logo is dedicated to all life enthusiasts, the protagonists of their own lives because they want it, to all those who live with passion and enthusiasm every part and moment of the all those that just wanna be happy.


We thought it was therefore important to dedicate to GLOBE, a production designed and produced in such a way that it was also respectful of the environment and the dignity of workers.

Reeson GLOBE Brand Logo


What about this Collection?


  • The “GLOBE” Coach Jacket is made by 100% Recycled Polyester

  • The “GLOBE” Tees are made with our “ORGANIC PREMIUM” Standard and is made with Certified Organic Cotton, Fair Working Conditions and Oeko-Tex standards.

  • The “GLOBE” Hoodie is a 280gr Cotton Sweatshirt, that is perfect in Spring and as a Four Season piece to have. Is made with our “STANDARD PREMIUM” Productiona and is made with Certified Fair Working Conditions and Oeko-Tex standards.

Reeson brand online streetwear skateboarding surfing surf inspired

The Original Reeson logo was conceived, studied and designed in 2005.
In a world full of logos and concepts...between streetwear, clothing, skateboarding, surfing, art, music and lifestyle, the Reeson logo is very special and quite uncommon.


Over the years we have seen brands appear and disappear, Reeson still here because is so much inspirated by the world, it has always been honest with itself.


Spring is about life, be the protagonist of your own...


Pick a Color, Your Size of the New Globe Collection and be part of this movement!


Get Inspired by Reeson!

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