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Budapest "An Expression of calm, culture and reflection" – reesonbrand

Budapest "An Expression of calm, culture and reflection"

Posted on April 16 2019

Budapest "An Expression of calm, culture and reflection"

Travels have always been a constant or better to say "An Ingredient of Reeson". No matter where, it doesn't matter when, visiting a never before seen street has a certain charm and even a small detail can project you into a new universe.

European Capitals have a certain charm and Budapest has its own, getting there by train from Bratislava adds a greater detail.

Here's some pictures i made with my phone when falling in love with this city!


skateboard budapest

A super central and easy public skatepark here in Budapest

traveling in europe

Danube perspective

monument budapest

The thoughtful Shoes Monument near the Budapest Parliament

budapest parliament

Budapest Parliament 

parliament monument budapest europe hungary

visit budapest

flowers in budapest

fisherman's bastion budapest

Here you're in Buda not in Pest, the Fisherman's Bastion overlooking the city of Budapest

Danube river in Budapest city

A look to the Danube River from the Szabadsag Bridge view

Opera metro station budapest

The Opera Metro Station in Budapest is one of the oldest in Europe

Szechenyi bath budapest

Natural Szechenyi bath Budapest 

Heroes Square Budapest

Walking through the Heroes Square in Budapest

heroes square budapest

Printa Design Budapest

In love with this place Printa Design Budapest

printa budapest hungary

printa budapest creative design

printa budapest

Printa Budapest has a creative design concept, all is ethical designed, made and print inside the place. Here you can find clothing, postcards, posters, accessories and a really good coffee. Most of the manufacturing is made in-house at their own studio you can visit at Printa.

okud art paint in budapest

Okud Art in Budapest

craft beer

kek rozsa hungarian restaurant

One of the best gulash in budapest at Kek Rozsa hungarian restaurant

mono art and design budapest

Real plant jewels at Mono art & Design

budapest bridge on danube

streets in budapest hungary europe

budapest central market hall

szabadsag bridge

Szabadsag Bridge

A look to The Szabadsag bridge from the Cave Church

st. stephen basilica budapest

The St. Stephen Basilica in Budapest

under the danube river

From Pest to Buda via "under the Danube River"

the parliament of Budapest

A suggestive view from the other side of the Danube River, here is Buda, to the Budapest Parliament at around 19:00 P.M. in a light raining moment

sardinia island a view from the sky

sardegna aeroporto di alghero

Backing home is always a good idea to plan the next trip!

Get Inspired by Reeson!



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